How To Get Free Medals in Pixel Gun 3D

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, UpdatesHow To Get Free Medals in Pixel Gun 3D

If you’ve just downloaded and installed Pixel Gun 3D, then you’ll soon notice virtual medals on your screen. They’re actually one of the in-game currencies you can earn and use through the game. Particularly, you can use medals to open Clan Chests in the Pixel Gun 3D. In most circumstances, especially when you run out of medals, Pixel Gun 3D allows you to buy them through in-app purchases. You can gain a lot of free gems and coins with pixel gun 3d hack and get all the best weapons and dominate your enemies! Also, check weapons guide, if you’re beginner it might be helpful for you.

However, you can actually get free gems in Pixel Gun 3D, let’s check them below: 

Winning Matches

Yes, as you’re winning the matches, you’ll keep banking medals in Pixel Gun 3D. These include rounds in Deathmatch, Point Capture, Flag Capture, and of course, in the Team Fight. The good news is that you wouldn’t have to be number 1 to earn medals. Three medals are rewarded to the first rank, two medals for second and third rank, and one medal for fourth and fifth place. Of course, the higher your rank, the more medals you’ll earn. Our tips: play different modes of matches in Pixel Gun 3D to win more medals.

Winning the Duel

Whenever you win the Duel, you’ll be rewarded with two medals banked to your account after the game session. If you’re desperately curious about what’s in the Clan Chest, then you can simply play more duels. Instead of spending fiat currencies to purchase the medals, you can simply win the duels and bank ones for free.

Playing Block Crash

You can also get free medals by playing Block Crash but you need to ensure you go nowhere but to the first place or second place. Top-ranked players will get a couple of medals while the runner up gets two.

Playing Fort Siege

The multiplayer modes of Pixel Gun 3D are not only competitive and fun, but they also allow you to earn medals once your team wins the game. Of course, you have to compete with other players and you need to be at least at the fifth or fourth place to get one medal. For two medals, you should go for third or second place and you’ll get three medals if you get the first place.

Top Three of Co-op Survival

If you play co-op survival mode, you can get free medals if you’re in the top three positions. Once you get the first place, you can earn three medals while two medals for the second position and one medal for the third position. Be the last man standing and collect your free medals.

Last Man Standing in Battle Royale

You can play Pixel Gun 3D Battle Royale and get free medals but it would be better if you’re the last man standing. The mode is the most generous in rewarding medals for winners. Four medals will be rewarded to anyone who takes the first place in Battle Royal mode. At least don’t go lower than the third place in Battle Royale mode to secure two free medals for yourself.

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