How to Play Flag Capture Mode in Pixel Gun 3D

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How to Play Flag Capture Mode in Pixel Gun 3D

If you’ve just downloaded and been playing Pixel Gun 3D for a while, you might have found the Capture mode. It’s was formerly an in-game element which was then developed into a major mode with two sub-modes, Point Capture and Flag Capture. Yes, there are two of them and they’re actually different but many players fail to recognize them.

In this article, we would discuss the Flag Capture mode which is actually one of the most fun game modes in Pixel Gun 3D. We’ll also reveal how to play the Flag Capture through a basic guide below.


If you’ve been playing Team Fight for a while, then you would be familiar with this Flag capture mode. Flag Capture features two teams clashing on a battlefield. However, instead of killing each other like in Team Fight, the team players must capture the opposite team’s flag. The captured flag then needs to be relocated to your flag base and you’ll gain score points for your team. At the same time, you need to protect your flag and base as well.

Game Mechanics

There are some game mechanics you should know when playing Flag Capture mode especially regarding the flag itself. These would determine what you can and can’t do in the mode. Each action always has its own consequences. Have a look at Flag Capture game mechanics below. 

First, if you take the flag and try to relocate it to your base, you’re not bulletproof. In fact, the flag carrier may become the main target as your enemy will do anything to stop their flag moved to your base.

Second, whenever you or your team player is killed when carrying the flag, it would be dropped at the dead position. It waits for either other players of your team to pick or enemies to grab it back from your custody. However, you’re killed by the map instead of by enemies while carrying flag, the flag will be sent back to your enemy’s flag base automatically and you need to start over.

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Third, if you’ve found that you can’t capture your enemy’s flag during the game, it’s not a bug. It’s simply because your flag is in the hands of your enemy. You need to grab it back an put it properly into your flag base, then you can capture the enemy’s flag.

Fourth, it doesn’t matter how good you’re in capturing the flags but fail to bring them into your flag base as you won’t score anything. It’s because the scoring points are counted only if the flag has been firmly placed on the carrier’s base.

Fifth, it should be noted that Flag Capture Mechanic doesn’t count your kill but your scoring point. When the time is over, the team with higher points is the winner of the game. At this point, the next thing you should consider is how to maintain a solid strategy in capturing the enemy’s flag more effectively.

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