How to Play Raid in Pixel Gun 3D: The Basics

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How to Play Raid in Pixel Gun 3D: The Basics

Once you’ve reached level 10, you can unlock a multiplayer game mode called Raid. It’s a typical game mode where you have to complete sets of tasks in aggression to and from other enemies in the game. Raid has been of popular modes in Pixel Gun 3D but not all players are acknowledged with the rules, strategy, and even how to play the mode.

In this article, we’d reveal the basics of how to play Raid in Pixel Gun 3D including the nature of the game.

What you Need to Know Before Start Raiding

You should realize that Raid mode in Pixel Gun 3D is a multiplayer mode so you need a stable internet connection to play the game. It’s natural if you don’t find this game mode at the initial stages as you can unlock it at level 10. The number of players to lay in a Raid mode is 4 and you’re one of them. The average length of the Raid sessions is around 25 minutes.

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Raid modes come in three difficulties including Easy, Medium, and Hard which also. These also represent different rewards for completions including Rare Chest for Easy difficulty, Mythical Chests for Medium Difficulty, and Golden Chest for Hard difficulty. The harder challenges always come with bigger rewards.


In Raid Mode, you’ll play as a member of a four-player team and no single-player option this time. There would be a map to get through with divided areas which can be unlocked as you’ve progressed up. There would be sets of objectives your team should complete or achieve to be successful and get maximum rewards in the Raid mode.

Before you get into detailed goals, you should recognize the main gameplay. Raid mode is about surviving a wave of pixelated monsters. It should be noted that you’re not hunting them, but your team is actually the prey. These monsters are hunting you down and keep coming in waves.

At this point, you should be able to work as a team. It’s not possible to get through the map without cooperating with other players. Despite wavers of pixelated monsters, you’ll then have to defeat the bosses. You can’t continue further without killing these boss monsters. It’s because they’ll drop the key to unlock the next areas of the map once they’ve been killed.

Another thing you should note is that the Raid game sessions are limited by certain periods of time. At this point, you need to complete the objectives before the time is over or you’ll fail the round.

Ultimate Tips

You can, of course, take the random players to play with you in Raid but that usually doesn’t work well. It’s simply because a solid team would have a greater chance to be successful in the Raid map. With random guys, continuing Raid sessions are terribly inconvenient. At this point, it’s better if you team up with your own friends and make a solid Raid strategy with them.

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