How To Play Team Fight Mode in Pixel Gun 3D: Basic Guides

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How To Play Team Fight Mode in Pixel Gun 3D: Basic Guides

Team Fight is one of the basic game modes in Pixel Gun 3D. It’s basically a super fun deathmatch of two teams in a pixelated environment. No one can resist great gaming experience of Team Fight mode in Pixel Gun 3D. However, not all players, especially beginners know how to play the mode properly. Check the basic tips below before you play Pixel Gun 3D Team Fight.


The Team Fight is basically played by clashed two teams: Red team and Blue team. You’ll team up with the other four players. The gameplay is about fighting each other in a deathmatch-style battle. All players use their own weapons on Team Fight mode.

Playing Team Fight

You’ll start Team Fight game with your own loadout just like the other players. It should be noted that there is a range of weapons available to purchase, you might be reminded with the old Counter-Strike but in a pixelated version. Choose the weapon to suit your play style.

The red team and Blue team are placed on two opposite sides of the map when the round begins. The first and main objective of the gameplay is killing the opponents who the opposite team players. The Team Fight game has a time limit and you need to kill enemies as many as you can before the time is over. While focusing on the battle, also have a look at the ticking countdown.

The team assignation is done randomly and automatically so you can’t choose the sides but play along with it. Just be sure what team color you are at, then the others must be your opponents. Sometimes, many players slowly recognize their own team so they’re hesitated to launch an attack which makes them killed so fast in the Team Fight. Kill your enemies and that’s all you have to do in this game mode.


There would be greater amounts of coins, experience, and trophies rewarded to the winning team to the losing one. The amount would depend on your team’s position in the scoreboard based on the accumulative points. The losing team gets fixed rewards of one coin, five experiences, and some trophies. Big winning leads to big rewards.

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More rewards will be banked to your account if you become one of three top scorers. It, of course, depends on your current rank after a Team Fight session. A round lasts for four minutes so there is no time for hiding and take any chance where you can take shots on the enemies and be the top scorer.

Ultimate Tips

Since we can’t do anything with random matchmaking, you need to be strict on your weapon choice and individual strategy. The gameplay is rushing and fast-paced so choose the weapon that can accommodate your play in such circumstances. Keep your moves and shots tight during Team Fight and always focus on killing more than hiding. It’s fair to compete with other team members in killing enemies as many as you can.

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