How To Play The Duel Mode In Pixel Gun 3D

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How To Play The Duel Mode In Pixel Gun 3D

With an extensive range of game modes and mini-games in Pixel Gun 3D, you can play multiple gameplay and keep fun experience during the game. One of the eligible choices is, of course, the Duel mode.

Duel is basically a no-team version of Deathmatch mode. Instead of teaming up with other players you’ll be playing in the one-on-one system against another real player. If you set the number of players in Deathmatch to two players, then you’re already in a duel mode.

If you want to play Pixel Gun 3D’s duel, we’ve summarized things you should know before playing below, let’s check them out 


Duel Mode in Pixel Gun 3D is about killing each other in a pixelated map between two opposing players. The gameplay objective is to collect points by killing the opponent within two minutes. The one who kills more times than the other does would be the winner. Since it involves two players only, a rematch option is available if you want to take revenge on your defeats or to accept one after winning. You can, of course, choose to quit the game or take another matchmaking.

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Space Arena and Night Pool are the dedicated maps for Duel. So, it’s better if you’re well-acknowledged with these maps if you want to be successful in the Duel mode. However, you can also play in Ice Palace and Ghost Town as well.

Points vs Kills

What you should prioritize in the Duel mode is, of course, killing your enemies. Focus more on the number of kills than the point counter. The winning is determined by how many times you kill your opponent. The player with a higher number of killing is the winner. However, if the game ends with tied killing scores, then players with the higher points will take the trophy.

Destroy the Opponent’s properties

Yeps, if you have chances, it’s always worth to destroy properties of your opponent including their crafted gadgets, turret or stations. While it doesn’t count as killing but it does increase your points which is important if you’re facing a competitive opponent in the Duel mode. However, as previously mentioned, don’t be distracted with this destruction activity since your main focus should be killing your opponent first. 

Don’t Kill Yourself

Whatever you do, don’t get killed and don’t kill yourself at anyways. If you accidentally kill your player during the Duel game, a certain amount(usually fifty) of points will be taken from your balance. They also decrease your killing score by one point for this “suicide” action. If you keep killing your players, that’s not good for your scoring. Be careful, especially when moving around the tricky-landscaped maps like Ice Palace.

That’s what you should know about the Duel Mode in pixel gun 3d mod apk and how to play it. Stay tuned for our insights on how to win the Duel by implementing solid strategies during the gameplay.

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