Pixel Gun 3D Basic Tips

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A significant amount of coins are available if you can finish the Campaign mode. The gameplay is about finding the cause of the widespread zombie apocalypse. You need to finish the gameplay so you can get the coins. The Campaign mode is now converted into one of five Pixel Gun 3D mini-games. That’s why you need Tickettrance to play Campaign mode now.

Lucky Chests

There are also possibilities to get the coins inside the Lucky Chests. Even though you don’t know how many coins inside the chest before you open it, there could be 3-50 coins you can earn. It won’t lose you anything, just open the chest and just grab whatever inside with your luck.

In-App Purchases

If you desperately need the coins, purchasing them with real money through in-app purchases could be the solution. There are several packages available in in-app purchases. Once you’ve completed the checkout, the number of coins will be transferred to your account. Some limited sales of coin packages are available but not regularly, watch the pop-ups for the offers. The regular sales are no longer available in the newer updates.


In Pixel Gun 3D gameplay, the use of gadgets can significantly improve your performance especially when you’re in a very competitive game. Since you’re only allowed to equip your shooter with three gadgets, your selections are very important. Depending on your strategy, having one gadget from each category could be an ideal suggestion. However, the needs of gadget will be more clear as you’ve experienced hours of Pixel Gun 3D gameplay. Some people with an offensive strategy might not need healing items as they just take all slots for Throwing Gadgets. The use of gadgets is at your discretion.

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  1. I knew these tips but for me, for the old player, it’s normal. For beginners, it is great tips.

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