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In Pixel Gun 3D gameplay, you’ll find/get eggs with various cosmetic appearance. They commonly appear in pixeled oval shapes and will result in certain pets once they’re hatched. Yes, you can get a pet from the eggs in the Pixel Gun 3D mobile game. However, mostly you can’t look into inside the egg and the only way to find out what pet is in, you’ll have to wait for the hatching. Pixel Gun 3D has 5 types of eggs that contain different types of pets including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Mythical pet.

1. Simple Egg

The simple eggs are widely available in the Pixel Gun 3D environment. Simple eggs only provide you with the chances of Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Mythical Pixel Gun 3D pets. The simple eggs only appear in two motifs including green colors with white polka-dots and reversely, white color with green polka-dots. It’s very interesting with such simple eggs, you can get the mythical pets.

2. Ancient Eggs

The Ancient doesn’t contain the Common pets and leaves you with the chances of Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Mythical pets in the gameplay. Ancient eggs usually appear in two motifs and colors including the white shell with red polka-dots and reversely, red shell with white polka-dots. Once you get Ancient eggs, there are chances of you getting the Epic and Mythical.

3. Magic Eggs

Magic eggs eliminate the chances of the common and uncommon pets leave you with the opportunities of Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Mythical Pixel Gun 3D pets. The appearance is similar to the ancient eggs but with purple color. There are two motifs of Magic Eggs, white shell with purple polka-dots and reversely, the purple shell with white polka-dots. The worst scenario of these eggs is the rare pets.

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4. Champion Eggs

The Champion eggs provide you with similar chances to Magic Eggs but with specific conditionality. Eggs are only awarded once you reach the new League in the Pixel Gun 3D game. The Champion eggs will hatch once you get promoted to the league above. Before that, you may put it in the stack during your current league. The Champion eggs would appear following the color of the related league.

The possible appearances: wood champion eggs with white polka-dots for Wooden League, steel champion eggs with white polka-dots for Steel League, gold champion eggs with white polka-dots for Gold Leagues, crystal champion eggs with white polka-dots for Crystal Leagues, ruby champion eggs with white polka-dots for Ruby League, adamant champion egg with white polka-dots for Adamant League, champion champion eggs with white polka-dots for Champion League. If there is no obstacle, normally, each player can have 5-6 Champion eggs.

5. Honor Eggs

Honor egg is the most mysterious one since you never know what it is until it’s hatched. Honor eggs appear in the green shell with pink yellow-edged-polka-dots.
It’s an honorable experience to get the honor eggs in Pixel Gun 3D gameplay. Don’t get confused with the Adamant eggs as they look similar.

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