Pixel Gun 3D Gadgets

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Pixel Gun 3D Gadgets

Pixel Gun 3D allows you to get supportive items during the gameplay including pets and gadgets. They support your performance by providing aids during your play in a wide spectrum of functions. If you want to purchase the gadgets, you can simply navigate to the “Armory” in the Pixel Gun 3D menu.

Pixel Gun 3D allows you to equip your shooter up to three gadgets. The interface shows you with the prepared gadgets if you have more than one in default. You can use the gadgets alternately by switching through the control panel. You can swipe your screen either to the left or right to manifest the panel, then you can choose the gadget you want to use as the default. That’s how you can select and control gadgets in the Pixel Gun 3D universe.

There are three exclusive categories of gadgets in Pixel Gun 3D including Throwing, Tools, and Support then divided into up 30 gadgets in total. However, these gadgets aren’t available in the Pixel Gun World but it has its own gadgets. Unlike the weapons, gadgets in Pixel Gun 3D gameplay are completely optional and the use is discretional. Even though each gadget may deliver a specific function, they’re not a stand-alone solution or replacing the used weaponry.

Throwing Gadgets

Gadgets of this category are literally used by throwing them to the opponent or landscape but they have different effects depending on the specific function of each gadget. These gadgets include Nuclear Grenade, Ninja Shurikens, Molotov, Firework, Black Mark, Singular Grenade, Cocktail, and so forth. Their name more or less already represents their function which to some extent, increases the damage to your opponent.


Tools are fewer offensive gadgets that aim to improve your survival in the game and even more. You can get tools gadgets under the names of Jetpack, Firecracker, Disabler, Time Machine, Turret, Snowman, Vodoo, Nutcracker, and so forth. These gadgets are surprisingly helpful with their own functions. Tools are usually used collaboratively with other gadgets.

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The last Pixel Gun 3D gadget is Support which literally supports your survival rate in the gameplay. Support gadgets mainly contain healing items and precaution properties. Support gadgets include Energy Shield, Medical Station, Fire Mushroom, Demon Stone, Medkit, Reflector, Pet Booster, Robot Samurai, Leader’s drum, and so forth. Once you need to recover your health, remember the gadget panel.

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