Pixel Gun 3D Mini Games

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Pixel Gun 3D Mini Games

Pixel Gun 3D mobile game is the pixeled first-person shooter game with eligible gameplay and colorful designs. The graphics are literally pixelled but they run smoothly in supported devices. It provides a fun and fast-paced game at the same time. Pixel Gun 3D is a part of the Pixel Gun universe which have detailed properties and rules. Mini-games have engaged more players to spend more time in the Pixel Gun 3D game.

Pixel Gun 3D has mini-games which are parts of the contents. Mini-games are actually the Game modes replica. Each mini-game applies specific rules based on their own gameplay. Unlike the common Pixel Gun 3D game modes, Pixel Gun 3D mini-games require the TIckettrans to play. Despite the specific rules, these mini-games also have their own ratings. So, don’t get confused that mini-games’ rules are slightly different than the Pixel Gun 3D game.

Make Your Own Game

In the main Pixel Gun 3D mode, you’re the player of the game, you’re the first shooter. In the Pixel Gun 3D mini-games, you can either join the shooting game or you can create your own game. It’s pretty much like Roblox but with a more simple interface. You can initially create the Party server then build your own game and play it by yourself. You can spend hours in the Pixel Gun 3D mini-games, it’s very addicting. If you get bored with the main gameplay, just go to mini-games.


There are five mini-games in the Pixel Gun 3D by far. These mini-games include the titles of Campaign, Sandbox, Arena, Parkour, and Extreme Run. Each mini-game has its own story plot and rule.

1. Campaign

If you’ve been playing Pixel Gun 3D for a while, you may have been familiar with the Campaign game. It was formerly one of the Pixel Gun 3D game modes and converted into the mini-games through the newer update. The Campaign gameplay set during the zombie apocalypse. The gameplay is about finding the root cause of the apocalypse. Learn more How to Earn Gems in the Pixel Gun 3D.

2. Sandbox

The sandbox was also former Pixel Gun 3D mode and converted into a mini-game through newer updates. If you’ve played Sandbox before, then you should be familiar with the gameplay and rules.

3. Arena

The Arena was another Pixel Gun 3D game mode which is turned into the mini-game through new updates. The gameplay is about surviving zombie waves as many as you can. The Arena gameplay has no end. Prepare yourself for the zombie waves and since they’re limitless, you need to stay alert all the time.

4. Parkour Challenge

It’s a mini-game specifically designed for Pixel Gun 3D mini-game lover. Like its name, the gameplay is about jumping through the map to complete the Parkour Challenge mini-game.

5. Extreme Run

Extreme Run is a mini-game launched along with Parkour Challenge. The gameplay is about running without limit and finish. Unlike the Arena, Extreme Run doesn’t require you to deal with the zombie waves. Along with Arena, the Extreme Run mini-game is very suitable for killing the time yet very addicting.

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