Pixel Gun 3D: Survival Shooter Tips

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Pixel Gun 3D: Survival Shooter Tips

First Person Shooter mobile game would never be the same as the presence of Pixel Gun 3D for mobile devices. Pixel Gun 3D is a free-to-play game which has gain popularity among the mobile gamer due to eligible shooting gameplay and battle royal game. To be a survival, you need to equip yourself but it will cost you with coin and gem, the in-game currency to redeem resources. Let’s have look about survival tips as you’re playing Pixel Gun 3D battle royal.

Collecting Items

The basic strategy to survive is indeed collecting the items which can support your strategy which includes weaponry and armory. Yes, you can’t survive with weak weapons and poor armor. Survival is not only about sneaking but also be deadly in contacts. You definitely need armor to minimize damages when you get hits in the battle royal, you won’t last a minute without it. All the battle royal would use armor to increase their survival chances. However, you need to selectively choose the items based on your strategy. Of course, it takes some time to adapt to the gameplay, but the items will help you to improve your survival strategy for sure.

Avoiding Sniper Bait and Reverse

Yes, you’ll never know when you’re targeted by a sniper but there is a pattern you can observe and anticipate. Many players tend to choose the edge of the map to bait other players. It’s so tempting to take them down but it means you put yourself into the bait. So, you need to avoid the open field and attract them to a closer range of contacts. Otherwise, you can be the sniper using such hidden spots with a clear view to bait other players with your snipe shoots and increase your winning chance.

Kill the Zombies

It’s very suggested to hunt the double-headed zombies which give you a high score. They showed up with other types of zombie in a very limited time like 30 seconds. You’re racing against the time and other players to steal the points. It’s best if you can take them all down since you’ll acquire huge points. To optimize your score, shot them in the head, it will count as 10 points while 5 points are for the regular hots. You can either use the Flamethrowers or simply your primary weapon.

pixel gun 3d gems coins weaponsFollow the weapon Suggestion

It’s not a secret that the enjoyment of playing a battle royal game is offered by the chances to build a strategy at your own discretion. However, there is a tactical dimension to the game which requires specific controls. One that will help you the most is by following the weapon usage suggestion. The gameplay will suggest you to tactically use the weapon based on the category. For example, the game will suggest you to use your primary weapons to kill enemies in short range and the sniper weapon for a long distance. We found that following this guidance would be helpful to effectively kill the enemies and therefore increase your survival chances.

Use Items and Pets

Despite collecting the items, you need to use them along with your pets collaboratively. There are chances where using the weapon isn’t enough especially when you’re prompted to use the suggested weapon. Depending on the species, Pets could be a powerful force to kill your enemies. You might have to spend some gems and coins to train them, but they would be very helpful to increase your survival rate especially when dealing with tough enemies. Are they helpful for tactical purpose? Yes, they are, they’ll teleport as you need them to help you. With Weapon, Armor, Offensive gadgets, and Pets, you’ll be a designated survivor in the Pixel Gun 3D environment.

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