Pixel Gun 3D Tips: How To Earn Coins and Gems

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Pixel Gun 3D has five in-game currencies including coins, gems, tickets, key, ribbon, medal. However, coins seem to be the most basic yet the primary in-game currency which allows any players to redeem a wide range of items and progress. Even though it’s the less-premium currency, you’ll need coins it doesn’t matter your progress is. Coins are actually the most used currency in the Pixel Gun 3D.

Pixel Gun 3D coins are commonly used to redeem some weapons, hats, skins, armor, gadgets, pets, buildings, devices, background, and many more. The more premium items may require you to spend coins and gems.

Fortunately, there are some ways to get coins in the Pixel Gun 3D games

Level Up

You can simply progress forward in Pixel Gun 3D and level up to get some coins. Once you’ve leveled up, you’ll gain certain amounts of coins. It seems that the higher the level you’ve reached, the more coins you’d gain. However, leveling up doesn’t provide you a significant amount of coins just like the old times.

Through Levels

During the gameplay, you find the coins in the levels. However, they’re only available for the first attempt so it won’t work for the second time you repeating the level. At this point, there is no way to farm the coins through levels. In fact, the number of coins is getting lower in the newer Pixel Gun 3D updates.


Farming coins are only possible in the Arena mode where you have to fight against the zombie wave. Completing one wave means one coin to earn as the reward. It’s not many but it seems that longer you stand by in the Arena and the more waves you’ve eliminated, the more coins you’ll gain from this mode. The Arena is now turned into the mini-game and no longer a Pixel Gun 3D mode as Mini Games.

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