Pixel Gun 3D: Weaponry Statistics

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Pixel Gun 3D: Weaponry Statistics

Pixel Gun 3D is a first-person shooter pixel game. Along with the gameplay, the weapon is your major concern. Pixel Gun 3D weaponry has statistics that inform you of the grade, efficiency, fire rate, capacity, mobility, and attack of the weapon. These statistics affect the performance of the weapon in the gameplay. These statistics are further divided into a more specific one. For now, we’ll have a look at the Pixel Gun 3d weaponry statistics.

1. Grade

The weapons of Pixel Gun 3D are available following their grades which are actually based on the rarity. You’ll find the weapons with this classification: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical. Common weapons have the highest quantities in the Pixel Gun 3D gameplay while the Mythical weapons are the rarest ones. Weapon grades also represent specs and features, the rarer weapons seem to be the stronger ones.

2. Efficiency/Lethality

Each weapon has a different efficiency rate usually measured with Death Per Second(DPS). The DPS shows how lethal the weapon is in the gameplay. The higher DPS, the deadlier the weapons are. In the same weapon type, the rarer weapons seem to be more lethal. It should be noted that even deadliest weapons demand professional control and adjustment to be “deadly”.

3. Fire Rate

Fire rate measures how many bullets the weapon can shoot per second. Of course, the fire rate not always represents the lethality since it mostly depends on the weapon type and bullet type. The highest fire rate is 8 bullets per second measured with number 99. The higher the fire rate, the more bullets are spilled by the weapon in a second. To some extent, the higher rate could support the damage depending on your shooter control.

4. Capacity

It literally represents how many bullets the magazine can load per unit. The measurement simply the number of bullets. The Capacity somehow also affects efficiency, at least, indirectly. The more bullets in your magazine allow you to have a wider chance to shoot the opponent before it has to be reloaded. In the tactical circumstances, the bigger magazines increase your survival rate and killing rate. Of course, they also depend on how you accurately control the weapon in the gameplay. Check the starter weapon pack.

5. Mobility

The mobility stat shows how fast the players move in the gameplay. Unlike other stats, the measurement of mobility stats is likely numerically reversed. The higher mobility is represented with the lower number of the stats. It’s because the mobility stat replaced the former weight stat which literally represented the weight of the player, the heavier player performs lower mobility.

6. Attack

Last but not least, the Attack stat could be the most crucial aspect of Pixel Gun 3D weaponry. Attack stat shows the damage rate of the weapons. Literally, the higher attack stat it shows the greater and faster damage to the opponent. However, only melee weapons which possess this attack stat.

By knowing these weapon statistics, you can manage your performance even better in the Pixel Gun 3D gameplay. You may require a different type of gun for a different map, landscapes, and circumstances.

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