Strategy Insights on Playing – Arena in Pixel Gun 3D

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Strategy Insights on Playing – Arena in Pixel Gun 3D

The Arena was formerly a dedicated game mode in Pixel Gun 3D but now has transformed into a minigame. However, the gameplay remains decent and Arena still has tons of fans out there who take this game just like the way it was.

The gameplay is about surviving the waves of monsters as many as you can. As expected, the minigame is endless as you’ll keep killing the monsters until your player dies by monsters or you leave the Arena instead.

By completing particular numbers of waves, you can earn an achievement called Arena Legend which comes in three categories. Bronze for surviving five waves, silver for surviving 10 waves, and gold for surviving 25 waves. The more waves you eradicate, the higher the achievement you can get.

A strategy is crucial to maintain a long survival and deal with more waves in the Arena. Check out insights below:

Using Signal Pistol

It’s an Arena-default gun which you can use primarily to kill monsters in this minigame. Forget any advanced weapon for a while but mix-use it with your regular guns to create a simple, clean shot combination during the gameplay.

Head Shot Target

Just like other FPS games, Pixel Gun 3D also applies vulnerable points to the characters including the monsters. If you hit the vital parts especially the head of those pixelated monsters, you’ll deliver more damage. This way you can kill them with 1-2 bullets and shorten the killing gap between one monster to another. It also keeps the safe distance of the monster wave. This is an ultimate tip to kill monsters in Arena more effectively.

Being Well-Armored and Moving Around

You can use your primary gun along with the signal gun but you need to be well-armored. The good news is that your player is basically faster than the monsters. Don’t hesitate to move around the Arena to have a better shot position and deal with corner traps. Furthermore, you can also collect more coins while moving, a versatile tip. However, this tip may not work on partitioned maps like Scary Pizzeria and slippery arena like Ice Hokey. Your map choice does matter.

Looting Scattered Guns

Never underestimate what’s scattered in the Arena’s floor. They’re always helpful if you run out ammunition or need an artillery backup to deal with continuous monster waves. Whatever you can grab to kill monsters, just grab them!

Save Your Bullets

It’s always tempting to burst-fire the monster in Arena especially if they come in an intimidating number. Nope, it won’t solve your problem, burst firing weaken your aim and drain your ammo at a sudden. Whatever the gun you’re using, manage the ammo gun and keep shooting the vital parts. Ammo is a priority when looting so keep collecting ammo in the Arena whenever possible.

Don’t Be Hit

Yeps, it’s the ultimate tip you should be aware of. It’s simply because Pixel Gun 3D only gives you a bar of health during the game and that’s the point of the real survival(and the enjoyment). Don’t let monsters hit you.

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