The Basic Guide to Play Battle Royale Mode in Pixel Gun 3D

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The Basic Guide to Play Battle Royale Mode in Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D has very comprehensive game modes covering diverse gameplay. Battle Royale is undoubtedly one of the most popular game modes in Pixel Gun 3D. It’s quite surprising to know how well Pixel Gun 3D adapts super hyped battle royal games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fortnite or Rules of Survival into a pixelated environment. You’d also be astonished by how much they’ve put the details and how well you can play the mode as an actual, playable battle royale game.

If you want to experience a distinctive battle royale game, then you should put Pixel gun 3D to your list. These are what you need to know about Pixel Gun 3D battle royale mode:

Multiplayer Mode

Just like other battle royale games, Pixel Gun 3D’s battle royale is multiplayer mode. Instead of facing AI players, you’ll play against other Pixel Gun 3D players around the world. There would be 85-100 players in a battle royale session killing each other.


Pixel Gun 3D’s battle royale mode features typical parachuting down to a map as the game begins. Your player will be gliding onto the pixelated map and once you’ve landed, you’ll be familiar with the rests. Be sure to jump into your desired area by controlling your player.

You need to loot weapons and supplies contained in the chests scattered on the map. What you need to do next is killing other players crossing on your screen and being the last man standing to be the winner. The game mechanic is similar to casual battle royal game and so are the competitiveness and the fun.

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Stay at Safe Zone

Just like other battle royal games, you need to stay in the safe zone during the game. The safe zone radius would be shrinking within seconds instead of minutes, It makes the Pixel Gun 3D game finished faster and to some extent, more competitive.

If your player fails to reach the safe zone, his health will be constantly drained and this hazardous bleeding will keep going until you reach the safe zone. It’s better to keep following where the safe zone shrinking heads to while keeping an eye to your enemies.

Smaller Circle

As expected, all players in Pixel Gun 3D will end in a smaller circle as time goes on. In the end, you’ll have to kill all the remain players or be killed in the small circle of the safe zone. It would keep shrinking even it has left several square meters of the play zone. If players don’t kill each other, the shrinking safe zone will do. The smaller circle means to be more hazardous damage outside.

Ultimate Tips

Keep your player in the safe zone all the time. Since the circle is shrinking faster than common battle royale game, in-out safe zone strategy won’t work well so there is no need to take a risk. If you play solo Pixel Gun 3D, be aware of the spatial environment when navigating and keep your weapon fully loaded.

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