The Starter Weapon Guide

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The Starter Weapon Guide

The weaponry plays a key role in your survival as well as your winning. In fact, it can determine your success at every beginning of the gameplay. If you’re completely new to the Pixel Gun and just started to play, then you need to continue reading this article.

As you’re starting the gameplay, you’ll be rewarded with free starter weapons including pixel gun, shotgun, combat knife, machine gun, and even sniper rifle as soon as you’ve finished the tutorial mode. You might also get Light Wooden Armor, Signal Pistol, and basic Flamethrower.

You can actually manage this weaponry to have a better chance in the battle

1. Headshot

Whatever weapons on your default, you need to ensure aiming the head of other players. You can either double the damage or simply kill them with a single shot. You need to acquire the skill to improve your ability in shooting with different weapons.

2. Be Accurate at Medium Range

Once you’re using your basic machine gun you should now that it won’t work for a long-range contact due to limited capacity. That’s why you to attract or drag your opponents to the middle range contact so you can accurately target and damage them.

3. Use the weapon by the Range

A short-range contact would be effectively finished with the shotgun, the long-range would be best with the sniper rifle. The pixel gun could be helpful in a tactical attack due to high accuracy, fast reload, and a powerful attack. In short, you need to use the weapon based on the range category. Fortunately, gameplay reminds you of the weapon category, just follow it.

4. Avoid Combat Knife

The knife is almost useless except for the tactical short-range maps or as you’re playing the Knife Party modes. The headshot rule is still applied in the use of a combat knife. Let’s say you have a chance to use a combat knife. Then, you still need to aim at the head section to perform an effective attack. You can read about it in the previous article about survival shooter tips.

5. Basic Flamethrower

It’s true that having close distance contact with advanced players gives you a little chance to win. However, there are still possibilities, thanks to the burning ability of the Flamethrower. This ability can significantly damage the enemies or finish the damaged player. As you’ve damaged the enemies with your default weapon then finish them Flamethrower. Fortunately, you have the basic Flamethrower as you’re starting the game, it’s very useful.

6. Manage Your Sniper Scope

It’s not necessary to use your sniper scope to aim the targets in the short-range distance. It’s both useless and decreasing your accuracy and tactical movements. Remember the gun category role, you can scope the targets on the long distances and wait for the clear shot but once there are other enemies moving towards you, change the default weapon with a rifle or pixel gun for the tactical attack. The same rule also goes to the Signal Pistol which is actually not suitable for sniper range shot.

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